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A Disappointing Beginning

A Curious Beginning - Deanna Raybourn

I felt Raybourn is repeating herself--Veronica and Stoker seem very much built on the templates of Lady Julia and Brisbane. I enjoyed the first couple of Lady J books but I'm not interested in a retread. Possibly it's also a reader-book mismatch as I'm less keen on this kind of light historical mystery than I used to be.


I really hated the beginning where the violet-eyed heroine was awesomer than all the dull ordinary women (why, in a book for a female audience, do that?) but that did get better with the introduction of Lady . . . Uh, I already forgot her name so not that much better . . . later on. Stoker's mysterious background was rather overdone.


Aside from a scene at the Jubilee at the end of the book, the historical setting was pretty vague and wallpapery, and I'm tired of that too. I guess I learned I don't want to go beyond the beggining of this series.