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Dead Romantic by Ruth Saberton

Dead Romantic - Ruth Saberton

Like all good chick lit, this is brisk and comic but still manages emotional realism, in this case about grief, loss, and coming to terms with past mistakes. Appropriate themes for a ghost story, and appropriate, too, that the heroine is an archeologist. 


Secondary characters are pretty cartoony (the work rival, the manic pixie sexy BFF), but Cleo, Alex the ghost, and Cleo's dad are all well done. I'd have rated this higher except that I found Cleo's relationship with ghostly Alex more developed than her romance with his living brother, which substituted a very stupid/cliched Big Misunderstanding for the real conflict one might imagine having with someone who's dealt with grief by drinking too much for years. Much of it managed to be fun, though, and some bits genuinely touching.