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The Ascent of Money

The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World - Niall Ferguson

Read by Simon Prebble (less over-emotive than when he narrates historical romance).


I listened to this in a break from the audiobook of Thomas Piketty's much more dense and demanding Captital in the 21st Century. I don't know why I'm on an money kick right now. I seem to recall there's some reason I'm supposed to be critical of Ferguson--probably his fondness for imperialism, which is sometimes on display here--but I really enjoyed this. Ferguson is good at turning a dry subject into an engaging narrative, partly by focusing on colorful characters. Hedge fund managers aren't really my thing, but I loved the parts about Nathan Rothschild and his role in the British victory over Napoleon. This book was surprisingly fun. And I might even remember some of it.