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The Fifth Day of Christmas

The Fifth Day of Christmas - Betty Neels

Note: obligatory snowball fight scene during the snowed-in-together portion of the book. 


There was pretty much a dearth of plot in large sections of the book, but I didn't care because I was enjoying the Betty Neels world. Rich Dutch Doctor Hero not too opaque or mean to the heroine; Nurse Heroine beautiful, competent, and doesn't take too much shit from anyone; snowed in in Scotland and then time in a lovely Dutch country house; lots of meals with French sauces and a special, not-revealing party dress for the heroine. Classic. 


Two things annoyed me: the Evil Other Woman is not only Manipulative, Cold and Ambitious (OK) but An Intellectual. A clever woman could apparently never make a Rich Dutch Doctor a comfortable wife--could not be a cheerful, loving, domestic, bread-baking, knitting, nursing type. Oh no. Oh well.


Also, this book is from 1971 but when Harlequin reprinted it they apparently felt the need to update the record player to a CD player, while leaving everything else in timeless mid-century Betty Neels World. WTF, Harlequin? 


A very pleasant diversion.